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Casuals Comic

A look into the behind-the-scenes world of MMA through the eyes of a Casual. Photography, interviews, food, training footage, and beautiful hand-drawn art. Everything included is captured by Casuals.

Issue 1.


A Real Life Rocky Story - Leon Edwards

This tells the incredible story of Leon Edwards and his journey from crime and depravity to the Champion of the world. 

Desert Eagle - UFC292

Casuals Corner takes a trip to the desert to watch a PPV headlined by the pound-for-pound best. Includes a look into BangTao MMA.

Issue 2.

Casuals x AKA


A special collaboration with AKA Thailand and UFC veteran, Mike Swick. This Comic captures the fun and meticulous creativity of a gym tucked away in the jungle of Phuket. 

Issue 3.


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